Travel Resources

We have listed a few links below, to help you become a more informed traveler.  Please note, these are external links and YOGOL Travel & Events is in no way responsible for any of the information published on the following pages.

In Case you have lost, or misplaced your birth certificate, and don’t feel like standing in line at the Dept. of Vital Statistics, here’s a way you can order your birth certificate so you can  apply for your passport. 

If this is your first time traveling out of the country and you need a passport or you already had one but it’s expired, this site is where you can begin the process

Use the SeatGuru search form to look up your aircraft, and choose the best seats and in-flight amenities.

Because it’s good to know what’s going on with your flights, especially when you have to arrive in time to make a connecting flight. This site is  a great way to track your flight.  You can also share this link with the person that’s picking you up at the airport to keep track of any flight delays, early arrivals, etc.

Want to save money, and time on luggage, and packing? Check out some of our travelers favorite travel accessories.